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 January 2018 Meeting. We had a great turnout for the meeting and everyone brought some super photos to share.  Some are shown at right

We discussed an image that had what appeared to be chromatic aberration, but it was so extensive, we thought maybe it had some other cause.  We didn’t find a simple fix for the problem.

Rich discussed a little about the Sony RX10 iv, a bridge style camera that has some great capabilities.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 7:30 PM in the Board Room at the Missoula Public Library. We will try to get back to starting meetings at 7:00 PM.  Currently other events scheduled in the room we use.

The topic for the February meeting is “Action”.  Get busy and shoot.  There are lots of kinds of action available at any time of the year.  Bring your shots to the next meeting.