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March Meeting.

The March meeting was quite interesting.  We looked at some new equipment and some of Rich’s 3D printed photo tools.  Mike had a question about making cinemagraphs, so we tackeled that problem using a variety of software: Paintshop Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, ImageMagick, OpenShot, Blender and Davinci Resolve.  A cinemagraph starts as a short video clip and a combination of photo editing and video editing results in an animated GIF loop.

The monthly meeting days will vary from the 3rd Tuesday we have had in the past.  I’ll try to keep the date posted here.

The next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, April 23 , 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Board Room at the Missoula Library.

April Assignment

Recent cameras have so many features, most photographers use a small percentage of the camera’s capabilities.  For April, dig a little deeper into the features of your camera and use at least three features that you haven’t used and try to share how they might change the way you create photos.  These might be still or video features or shooting or editing features.

It’s never too late to read the manual.