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February Meeting.

We had to cancel the February meeting because of the weather.

We still have the “High Key & Low Key” photos from January.  This one challenged us for some of the “normal” characteristics of these types of images.  We still had good discussions and used various editors for altering or enhancing our images to fit the topic. We also discussed the histogram in relation to the topic photos.

The monthly meeting days will vary from the 3rd Tuesday we have had in the past.  I’ll try to keep the date posted here.

The next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, March 26 , 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Board Room at the Missoula Library.

The topic is open for the March meeting.  Just use your imagination and creativity to bring some interesting photos.  With the snowy backgrounds and often overcast skies, wise use of the histogram display on most digital cameras can be useful for keeping the exposure within the capabilities of the camera.  Experiment with some of the settings that you haven’t used to see what your camera is capable of and share your experiences with other attendees.