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Website of Interest

One of our attendees recommended a visit to the Rocky Nook website, https://rockynook.com/.  It looks like a great website for useful photographic information.  They have a User Group that provides advantages to members and I have sent them our information for possible membership.

The notes I post on this page are either things I use or things I have done a lot of research on.  I don’t get anything from the manufacturer;  I just mention them because they might be useful to you.


Link your iPad or iPhone to Windows for Screen Capture

I needed to capture action on my iPad screen for documenting some training video.  I found that AirSever does just what I wanted at a price that is reasonable.  Just use the AirPlay capability of your iPad or iPhone to mirror what is on your screen.  AirServer will display the screen on your PC and allow you to record the activity. More details on the Airserver web site.

Panorama Stitcher

PTGui recently release a new version of their stitching software.  This software provides tools for creating a variety of stitched format, including 360° panoramas and web-ready interactive panoramas.  One of my examples created using PTGui is: http://montanamonk.com/mission_web/mission_panorama.htm.  The software is available as trial download or licensed from PTGui.

Another stitching software to create panoramas from multiple imagesis the free Image Composite Editor (ICE) from Microsoft.  It can align, stitch, blend and crop a set of images quickly.  It does a good job.  You can get it from Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group.