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Free Software

Remember when Nik software sold some great editing software for $150 per package.  There were several packages to do a variety of editing chores.  The results were great and the interface was superb.  Total cost for all packages was about $750.  Then Google bought the software and started selling the whole set for $150.  A real bargain.  Now, Google is giving it away…FREE.  And if you paid for it this year, they’ll refund your money.

Screen Capture Software for Linux

If you’re using Linux and want to capture the screen activity as a video, try the Kazam program.  It is very flexible and free.  I’m going to be using it to document any training videos which require the use of Linux activities, for example using gphoto2 for time-lapse caputures with cameras that don’t have a time-lapse feature built-in, like my Nikon D70.

The notes I post on this page are either things I use or things I have done a lot of research on.  I don’t get anything from the manufacturer;  I just mention them because they might be useful to you.


Link your iPad or iPhone to Windows for Screen Capture

I needed to capture action on my iPad screen for documenting some training video.  I found that AirSever does just what I wanted at a price that is reasonable.  Just use the AirPlay capability of your iPad or iPhone to mirror what is on your screen.  AirServer will display the screen on your PC and allow you to record the activity.

Panorama Stitcher

If you need some stitching software to create panoramas from multiple images, take a look at the free Image Composite Editor (ICE) from Microsoft.  It can align, stitch, blend and crop a set of images quickly.  It does a good job.  You can get it from Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group.